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Initiation and planning

  • Cure SMA India executive members and scientific advisors of the Cure SMA India

Collection, Collation, Editing data:

  • Dr Sanjukta Dey (Paediatric pulmonologist) , Dr Kausik Mandal (Medical Geneticist),  Dr Subhrojyoti Bhowmick (Clinical Research & Medication safety expert)


  • Dr Kausik Mandal (Medical Geneticist)

Focus Area 1: Paediatric issues and vaccinations

  • Dr Priyanshu Mathur (Paediatric Rare Diseases expert)
  • Dr Neelu Shah Desai (Paediatric neurologist)

Focus Area 2: Genetic counselling and prenatal testing

  • Dr Ratna Dua Puri (Medical Genetics)
  • Dr Kausik Mandal (Medical Genetics)

Focus Area 3: Respiratory care

  • Dr Sanjukta Dey (Paediatric pulmonologist)
  • Dr Ankit Parakh (Paediatric pulmonologist)

Focus Area 4: Neurological issue

  • Dr Anaita Hegde (Paediatric neurologist)
  • Dr. Ann Agnes Mathew (Paediatric neurologist)

Focus Area 5: Spine and orthopaedics

  • Dr Saumyajit Basu (Spine Surgeon)
  • Dr Jayanth Sampath (Paediatric orthopedic)

Focus Area 6: Physiotherapy

  • Mr Shantanu Kumar De (Paediatric physiotherapist)
  • Dr.Shrutika Parab (Paediatric physiotherapist)

Focus Area 7: Safe practices for caregivers

  • Dr. Smilu Mohanlal (Paediatric neurologist)
  • Dr Subhrojyoti Bhowmick (Clinical Research and medication safety experts)

Focus Area 8: Dietary issues

  • Dr.Robert Antony (Paediatric surgeon)
  • Ms. S Maitranag (Nutritionist)

Focus Area 9: Hospital admission

  • Dr. IIin kinimi (Paediatric pulmonologist)

Focus Area 10:Medications for COVID-19

  • Dr Subhrojyoti Bhowmick (Clinical Research and medication safety expert)
  • Dr.Ramesh Konanki (Paediatric neurologist)

Focus Area 11: Telemedicine and helpline numbers

  • Dr (Prof) Sheffali Gulati (Paediatric Neurologist)
  • Dr Sandeep Patil (Paediatric neurologist)

Focus Area 12: Mental health issues

  • Dr Arijit Chattopadhyay (Paediatric neurologist)
  • Dr Renu Suthar (Pediatric Neurologist)

CureSMA Foundation of India members:

  • Ms Moumita Ghosh (Director Family Support)
  • Ms Alpana Sharma (Director Patient Advocacy)
  • Ms Archana Vashist Panda (Director Patient Advocacy)
  • Ms Razeena K (Director Patient Empowerment)
  • Ms Srilakshmi Nalam (Director Patient advocacy)