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Patient Support

Fund Raising:

Scoliosis is an abnormal and progressive curvature of the spine caused by weakness in muscles of the back that support the spine.Patients will require spinal surgery  to correct their scoliosis and improve both mobility and ease in breathing. The surgery is expensive ranging from Rs 10-20 lakhs. Cure SMA provides financial support to the patients undergoing surgery.

1. Asna Sherin

Asna Sherin from Kerala. Pre and Post Scoliosis surgery

2. Shreya

Shreya from Andhra Pradesh. Pre and Post Scoliosis surgery.

Hospitalization expenses:

Children with SMA are prone to frequent hospitalizations due to several reasons. Cure SMA gives financial support to people who are economically weak by raising funds.

Pawan, a child from economically weak background was supported by Cure SMA India when hospitalized for Pneumonia and later for his neck and spinal braces.

Assistive Devices:

Powered wheelchairs and orthotic devices like braces that are required for dealing with problems caused by muscle weakness are provided for economically weak patients.

4.Motorized Wheelchair

Sohail Khan received a motorized wheelchair from Cure SMA India.