SMA Angels

There is no tragedy in life

Like the death of a child.

We, all members in CureSMA India, pay our tribute to all the children and adults who left us to the heavenly abode leaving an everlasting impression on lives of many.

They have all taught us meaningful lessons in lives and have given us a very big purpose which we all must take forward till we achieve our final goal.

We commit ourselves to put in our best efforts & energy to fight this battle of access & affordability to bring SMA treatment & cure to India.

We pay tribute to our Dear Baby Saanvi whom we have lost recently on 26th June, 2019 to this draconian disease.

She fought bravely till the end despite all the pain.

Rest in peace Dear Saanvi. You will continue to inspire all of us always.

Anabia(22th Feb. 2019 to 22th Oct. 2019)

Niralya .(11th Sept. 2018 to 11th Sept. 2019)

Yojith Garigipati(4th Jan. 2019 to 26th Aug. 2019)

Samin Sunny .(10th Feb 1992 to 13th Aug 2019)

Veer Pareek(3rd Feb. 2019 to 12th Aug. 2019 )

Sanjeev .(18th Jan 2019 to 11th Aug 2019)

Zeenat Ara.(18th April 1987 to 21st July 2019)

S. Mohammed Kashif(23th september 2014 to 19th July 2019)

ATHARV(21th Sep. 2012 to 6th July 2019)

Saanvi(11th January 2019 to 26th June 2019)

Santwana Aras (1985 to 3rd June 2019)

Baby Of Rachana(9th Dec. 2017 to 20th March 2019)

Mehansh(21th Nov. 2018 to 17th Dec. 2018)

Rest In Peace Our SMA Angels