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SMA Clinics

A multidisciplinary approach is the key element in the management of SMA patients with the input of specialists from different areas of care and intervention Cure SMA India started the concept of SMA clinics to facilitate access to comprehensive care by working with a network of specialists such as neurologists, developmental pediatricians, Orthopedicians and spine surgeons, gastroenterologists, and physiotherapists. This multi-disciplinary care approach allows patients and their families to monitor various aspects of disease progression and, when possible, provides anticipatory care and minimizes trips to medical appointments.
At present, we have SMA clinics in Kolkata, Delhi, Cochin, Chandigarh and we plan to start in many more cities.

29 APR 2017 - 20 DEC 2019

Kolkata chapter of Cure SMA India organizes an SMA Multidisciplinary Clinic every quarter to help optimize day-to-day functions as much as possible to both maintain function and avoid development of things like contractures, which can end up being limiting over time. It is being conducted in collaboration with Peerless Hospital, Kolkata, for more than 2 years, beginning from April 2017.
It The team of doctors includes:

  • Dr. Sanjukta Dey, paediatric pulmonogist

  • Dr. Papiya Khawash, developmental paediatrician

  • Dr. Saumyajit Basu, spine surgeon

  • Santanu De, physiotherapist

  • Sudeshna Maitranag, nutritionist


07 DEC 2019

Cure SMA Foundation of India organized a session on SMA support care for parents of children with SMA in collaboration with BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi. All the doctors from various disciplines shared detailed protocols and information about SMA care and support.

23 OCT 2019

Cure SMA Foundation of India, Kolkata chapter in collaboration with Kare Prosthetics and Orthotics, Bangalore organized a Spinal Orthoses Workshop in Kolkata. SCOLIOSIS is a major complication of children with SMA. Spinal Orthoses plays important role in maintaining the scoliosis angle.

18 SEP 2019 – 19 SEP 2019

Organized an SMA Awareness Session and SMA Clinic in collaboration with PGI Chandigarh. A family guidebook, “Care of child with Spinal Muscular Atrophy” prepared by Dr Renu Suthar and team in collaboration with Cure SMA India was launched.

31 AUG 2019

Conducted the 1st SMA Awareness Programme at Aster MIMS Calicut. Enriching informative sessions were delivered by the doctors of the hospital which were very insightful on different topics.

29 AUG 2019

Organized the first SMA Clinic in collaboration with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi. It was inaugurated by Dr S P Byotra, Vice Chairman of the hospital, followed by his keynote address. The welcome address was given by Dr I C Verma. The need for multidisciplinary SMA clinics for better management of SMA was emphasized.

28 APR 2019

Conducted the first awareness meeting on SMA care and support with a team of doctors, a geneticist, and orthotics, representatives for the parents of kids with SMA in Hyderabad. The sessions were enlightening and guided the parents in taking better care of people with SMA.